Frequently Asked Questions

OSHA Forklift Training, Evaluation & Certification: 

What is OSHA's Training and Evaluation Requirement? 

OSHA states that "The employer shall ensure that each powered industrial truck (forklift) operator is competent to operate a powered industrial truck safely, as demonstrated by the successful completion of the TRAINING and EVALUATION specified in ..." 29 CFR 1910.178(l)(1)(i)

What is OSHA's Training Delivery Method (options) Requirement?

OSHA states that "Training shall consist of a combination of formal instruction (e.g. lecture, discussion, interactive computer learning, video tape, written material), practical training (demonstrations performed by the trainer and practical exercises performed by the trainee),... 29 CFR 1910.178(l)(2)(ii)

What is OSHA's Certification Requirement?

OSHA states that "The employer shall certify that each (powered industrial truck / forklift) operator has been TRAINED and EVALUATED as required by paragraph (l)..." 29 CFR 1910.178(l)(6)

What paperwork is required to prove forklift operator training, evaulation & certification? How is SPOT Safety setup to help comply with the required paperwork? 

As stated above, OSHA requires documentation proving Training, Evaluation & Certification.  When an employee is "Certified" the SPOT Safety system for Forklift Operator Training you should have these 3 documents:

1-Training documentation: Your SPOT Safety issued Training completion: certificate (8.5" x 11")

1-Evaluation documentation: The trainee evaluation document

1-Certification documenation: The trainee certification document

Company Administrator (CA):  

For the online method of SPOT Safety Forklift Operator Training, a CA must be selected to manage the SPOT Safety System account.  The CA must be an employee of the company wanting to train its employees.

What are the Company Administrators Duties & Responsibilities?

1. CA is authorized to purchase training "seats" in online courses for employees.  CA is the only person who can purchase "seats" in online courses.  (Seats are purchased through online controls via credit card OR invoiced, if approved)

2. CA assigns employees (trainees) user names & password to log into SPOT Safety Online course.  Note: trainee user names and passwords must be unique to each employee trained. 

3. CA assigns (or select) & manages Site-Specific Facilitators through SPOT Safety Online database controls. (note: The CA is the only person who can designate {electronically} a Site-Specific Facilitator).

4. CA prints Training Completion Certificates (through SPOT Website. 

What are some facts and guidelines to consider when selecting a Company Administrator?

When using the functions on associated with employees trained through web courses, only the CA who assigned trainees user names / passwords can manage those records.

What are the Requirements and preferences to become a Company Administrator?

The Company Administrator MUST be an employee of the company wanting to train its employees.

The Company Administrator must be familiar with the basic training requirements for the training topics.  

What are some sample or common positions who are typically a Company Administrator?  Supervisor, Foreman, Safety Representative Function (Manager, Supervisor, Specialist, etc.), or any administrative position that you think can handle the duties and responsibilities.  The Company Administrator is more of an administrative function than a special skills position.

NOTE: An employee of the company could be both Company Administrator AND Site-Specific Facilitator as long as that employee meets the requirements of each position.  For smaller companies with one location this is the typical scenario.

Site-Specific Facilitator: 

For the online method of SPOT Safety Forklift Operator Training, a Site-Specific Facilitator is a person (designated by the Company Administrator) that completes the site-specific forklift instruction and demonstration, then completes trainee evaluation and certification paperwork.  

What are the Site-Specific Facilitator's Duties & Responsibilities?

1. Communicate and demonstrate the site-specific instruction.  

2. Performs the evaluation of the trainee and documents that evaluation.  

3. Certifies the trainee and completes the trainee certification documentation.

4. Document the trainee certification through SPOT Safety Online user controls.  

Note: All site-specific paper resources are provided free for download through Site Specific Facilitator user controls (through SPOT Safety Online).

What are the requirements and preferences to become a Site-Specific Facilitator?

1. The person MUST be an employee of the company (whose employees are being trained).  SPOT Safety System does NOT authorize 3rd parties (training companies, consultants or other independent individuals) to be a Site-Specific Facilitator. 

2. The person MUST be an experienced forklift operator.  The intent is to have someone who is knowledgeable, responsible, and able to perform the basic responsibilities and duties.

3. The person MUST complete SPOT Safety System Online course.

What are sample or common positions who are typically a Site-Specific Facilitator?

Supervisor, Foreman, Safety Representative Function (Manager, Supervisor, Specialist, etc.) 

Note: A company could have multiple Site-Specific Facilitators.  For example: a company could have multiple physical locations and have 1 or several Site-Specific Facilitators at each physical location.

Web Based Course: What is it?

A web based course is a training course that is taken online through  The web-based course is self-paced by the person assigned to complete the course.  SPOT Safety System courses are designed to be highly effective so the learner really does learn the topic.  There is always a final test that the learner must satisfactorily complete at the end of the course. 

Site-Specific Instruction & Demonstration:

What is site-specific instruction & demonstration?

Completion of the Site-Specific Instruction and Demonstration is part of the forklift certification process.  It is intended to "add to" the knowledge already gained by the trainee that has completed the forklift operator online course.  The site-specific instruction and demonstration provides a specific path to communicating your site-specific workplace and forklift policies.  The demonstration provides an opportunity for the trainee to see how a certain task or use of forklift is performed.

When is the site-specific instruction & demonstration performed?

It is completed ONLY AFTER  the trainee has completed the online course.   

Who performs the site-specific instruction & demonstration?

Your designated Site-Specific Facilitator communicates the site-specific instruction and demonstrates selected forklift situations and use of controls and attachments.


How do I set up site-specific instruction materials?

See the free Guides to setup your site-specific instruction and demonstration on the Facilitator control page.  The site-specific instruction Guides are designed with all possible topic areas that could be made "site-specific".  All the facilitator has to do is insert the employer's site-specific information in those pre-addressed topic areas.

How do I navigate or "get around" and use the functions and controls on my "USER HOME" page?

Depending on whether you are the Company Administrator, a Facilitator or a trainee, the USER HOME that you will be taken to once logged in (on SPOT will have instructions right there on the page to help you navigate and perform tasks on SPOT Safety online.


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